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Questions and Answers

Here are casual answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our photo services.

I want to loose some pounds before the shoot. Can you wait?
You are perfect the way you are, and he loves you for it. I want to photograph real women!

I haven’t been going to the beach and look pasty. Can you wait until I am tan?
Its called spray tan or black and white photography… Keep in mind I color balance all the photos, add contrast, and retouch any blemishes.

Is this nude photography?
No. Nudity is implied, but not necessary at all to make you look sassy and fabulous. A cocktail dress can be just as sexy as a pair of boy shorts if shot right. Remember, this is about making you feel comfortable and empowered, emphasizing your best qualities. My shoots are PG rated. I don’t support R rated. Bring your maid of honor, entire bridal party, or best friends- have a glass of champagne, and enjoy being a supermodel for a day. Its just a bunch of girls playing dress up- My dream job!

What should I bring?
Always bring a bottle of your favorite champagne and your favorite flowers for behind your ear.  If you don’t hire a wardrobe stylist from our Glam Squad division, There are suggestions and tips on my site and blog. Feel free to call me anytime to discuss specific looks you are trying to achieve. For brides, anything he has purchased you, things he complements you in, your favorite heels, most flattering undergarments,bridal lingerie and jewelry, and of course that stunning engagement ring to start. If your doing this for yourself, I suggest the things that are most flattering on your body type and make you feel sexiest. Bringing your best friend is a great way to approve your wardrobe. Stay away from busy patterns and logos.

Is this only for brides?
Absolutely not! The only requirement for being a boudoir diva is that you are open, confident and fun. If you are a single lady, what a better way to intrigue your potential candidates then a couple sexy photos placed discreetly in your nightstand. ” ooooh, those…just a modeling shoot I did awhile back….”

I don’t want prints or albums. Can I just do the shoot?
Great! Our Diva Package gives you 150 photos on a disk for $550. You will be required to come hair and make up ready.

Sign me up! How do I book?
A 50% deposit is given via Paypal to hold your day. Email us with three times that you are available. Weekdays are best as weekends tend to book up quickly. The shoot typically takes from 3-5 hours including make up changes. Contact us here.

How do I prepare?
Besides treating your self kindly and telling yourself you are fabulous every time you see yourself in the mirror, you can prepare in the following ways. Have nails done. Be plucked and trimmed. Please do not wear a bra before the shoot if possible as the straps leave marks when you are changing. Its great to email a couple photos that you may stumble on so we know the exact look you are going for and can prepare your props and wardrobe. Have face and hair washed, and bring foundation that best matches your skin tone along with make up remover for after your shoot. A good white lie for your fiance or boyfriend is that you are meeting a photographer to discuss something… You can remove your make up here and he will never know that you were the star in your very own sexy photo shoot until he receives your album.